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Landlord Packages

Zero Deposit

Good for tenants, great for landlords!

For the cost of just 1 week’s rent, tenants can purchase a Zero Deposit Guarantee instead of a traditional deposit. It’s a ‘win-win’ as landlords receive protection equalling a 6 week deposit, even after the deposit cap. Disputes are adjudicated by TDS, with approved claims paid in just 2 working days. Good for tenants, great for landlords!

Attract more tenants

Attract up to 26% more views by advertising your property as ‘Available with a Zero Deposit™️ Guarantee’ᐩᐩ.

Disputes sorted quickly

Claims will be adjudicated by TDS, our expert partners. We settle the dispute quickly and fairly and at no cost to you.

Fast payouts

Landlords receive approved payouts fast; there’s no waiting around for months. Two working days and they’ll have the money.

Ensuring good conduct

Tenants are financially liable for damage so we recover our payout costs from tenants directly. Non-payment may impact credit history.

We've Got You Covered

Tax deductions, self assessments, where to start?

As a landlord, you are obliged to pay tax on any income or profit that you make from renting out any home in the UK. We can provide our customers with an exclusive tax summary outlining your income and expenditure for the previous financial year. This could save you time and ££££'s.

Time for a change?

If you’re looking to grow your buy to let portfolio, re-mortgage to a better deal or simply organise your specialised landlord's building and contents insurance, we are here to help move you forward. Offering expert advice delivered in a professional friendly way.
Putting you in the best position to make the right decision

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Landlord online portal

We know and appreciate that as a landlord your time is precious, and getting information on the go is imperative. That's why we have created your very own online portal, giving you access to accounts, maintenance, signed documentation and more!